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Our Partners

Earth Child Project

Earthchild Project operates in disadvantaged primary schools in the Western Cape. Working with children and teachers, our educational programmes focus on providing practical skills that complement the academic curriculum.

Earthchild Project aims to inspire a new generation of confident, conscious and responsible young leaders.

Discount Code: EARTHCHILD

Waves For Change

W4C provides a child-friendly mental health service to at-risk youth living in unstable communities.

Through access to safe spaces, caring mentors, and a provision of weekly Surf Therapy sessions, W4C gives children skills to cope with stress, regulate behaviour, build healing relationships, and make positive life choices.

Discount Code: WAVES


Our mission is to provide a sanctuary for companion animals in need, striving to end homelessness, neglect and abuse in the communities we serve through medical assistance, humane education, rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming.

Discount Code: TEARS

The Sozo Foundation

Sozo enables youth employability by creating opportunities through Education, Skills and Social Enterprise. Our mission to see the youth of Vrygrond equipped & empowered to live with dignity, purpose & hope, through a heart of unconditional love.

During this COVID-19 pandemic, we are providing food, essential vitamins & minerals, hygiene dignity packs, online educational tutoring, mental health support to our 250 youth beneficiaries.

Discount Code: SOZO


Greenpop works to restore ecosystems and empower environmental stewards through reforestation, urban greening, sustainable development, and environmental art projects across Sub- Saharan Africa.

Greenpop was founded in 2010 and has since planted over 119,000 trees and inspired over 132,000 active citizens across South Africa, Zambia, Malawi, and Tanzania.

Discount Code: Greenpop

Where Rainbows Meet

A holistic community development organization, with the primary aim to achieve social, economic and health improvements within the community of Vrygrond and its surroundings.

Rainbows gives different groups within this community access to information, education and support



Discount Code: RAINBOWS

9Miles Project

9Miles Project is a nonprofit organisation that is based in Strandfontein. We provide safe spaces and structured programmes for at-risk youth in coastal informal settlements and surrounding communities

9Miles currently serves 1500 meals per day during lockdown.

Discount Code: 9MILES